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We Support your Mental Health During and After Pregnancy

In a safe, secure and anonymous community

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you are not alone

Find your community

  • ‘Knowing I have support with absolutely no judgements’
  • ‘A place where I can reach out to talk to someone who really understands what I am going through’
  • ‘I can be totally anonymous and discuss without fear of repercussions.’

Sounds familiar? This is what we, as pregnant and new mothers, need when pregnancy and parenting get too overwhelming. Choose your support circles and have a community that understands what you are going through.

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Scientific and evidence based

Manage your mental health

Mental health issues can happen at any time. Don’t wait until your next prenatal or postnatal visit to find out whether you need support.

Use our clinically validated questions in the app to keep track of your mental health and have your report ready in your next visit.

Completely anonymous and private

No more stigma

One of the things we know is that speaking up at this time is difficult. So you will always stay completely anonymous in the app. We are committed never to break that trust. We take your security and anonymity very seriously. Your personal data is your own and we will never use it without your permission.

We are GDPR Compliant. With secure servers. For your peace of mind.

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Why we started Haplo Care

We understand you

Perinatal mental healthcare at your fingertips

How it Works

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Find your support circles

Find the women that are going through the same emotional struggles as you are, by joining one of the many support circles that are available in the platform.

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Keep track of your mental health

We use clinically validated questionnaires to always keep you and your doctor informed about your mental health, so that you can get the right care, on time.

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Ask our experts

Stop asking Google. Instead, ask our carefully vetted experts all your questions on the topic in a secure, anonymous audio room and you can be sure that the answers are based in evidence-based science.

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Find the right care, at the right time

Our team of perinatally trained specialists will guide and help you to find the right care, based on your needs and preferences, so that you are never alone.


Still have questions? We're here to address any concerns.

What is Haplo Care?

Haplo Care is your mental health companion, giving trusted, evidence-based and personalized support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Why is it important and why should I care?

One in five women experience depression or anxiety on their journey to becoming a parent. Due to a lack of screening and follow-up, less than half of them do not receive adequate support or treatment. Research shows that your baby’s mental health starts in the womb. Haplo Care exists to provide trusted and evidence-based mental health care for you and your baby in a safe, trusted environment.

How much does it cost to use Haplo Care?

It is completely free to download and use.

Is my personal health data secure?

We know how sensitive this period is in your life. We’ve built Haplo Care as a safe and anonymous space to share your feelings and experiences. The personal data that you share with us is held with the highest standards of privacy and security. We are GDPR compliant and do not share your data with anyone.

I have a specific question or concern. Can I contact you directly?

Yes, absolutely. Even though we are not equipped to provide you with medical advice, we will connect you to the right person who does. You can reach us at

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There is an urgent need to address the number of female suicides in India. Access to care, timely diagnosis and care are required if we were to solve this serious issue immediately.
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One of the memories that stands out during my postpartum depression days is that I thought I was the only one who is going through this. Every time I opened a magazine or social media, the faces of happy mothers with their happy children would stare back at me....

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